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Plant a Mint Bowl

On a recent trip to my local nursery I found these unique varieties of mint!  I planted them in a terra cotta bowl and labeled them with copper plant markers, to keep track of the different varieties.  As I was planting and rustling the leaves of the mint, it smelled wonderful in the air and… Read More

The Nature Walk Project – Month 9: June

Location: Orlando, Florida, United States from 10:30am-11:30am   Weather: Sunny, windy and very low humidity, 75°F – High: 86°F  Low: 73°F Catch up on The Nature Walk Project: Month 1: October, Month 2: November, Month 3: December, Month 4: January, Month 5: February, Month 6: March, Month 7: April, Month 8: May It’s officially hurricane season in Florida and there is… Read More