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Easy Oven Roasted Corn on the Cob - easiest way to cook and shuck corn ever!

Easiest Way To Cook And Shuck Corn On The Cob

For years I would buy fresh corn on the cob, shuck it and get the sticky silks all over the place and somehow there were still more on the cob. Not to get too infomercial on you, but I wished there was a better way…and there is! Oven-roast those suckers! When my friend first told me how to do this, I was convinced that shoving paper-like husks into a hot…

Bounty From The Farm: Sweet Corn

While milling around my local farmer’s market last weekend I visited one of my favorite local farmers where I found a lovely pile of sweet corn. He had just harvested the corn earlier that morning so it was about as fresh as I could get without growing it myself! Armed with my bushel of corn, I decided that I just had to tell you about one of my favorite veggies: sweet corn.…

Featured Herb-Rosemary - grow it, cook with it and use it medicinally from katienormalgirl.com | #Cultivation

Rosemary, Part I: Cultivation

HERB PROFILE OF THE MONTH CULTIVATION  |  CULINARY  |  HERBALISM Rosemary is one of those fabulous herbs that is pungently fragrant and has a multitude of uses. It’s also very pretty to look at with tiny, thin leaves on sturdy woody stems, which makes some varieties great for shaping into tiny topiaries. Other varieties tend to stay low and stretch along the ground, making them perfect ground covers. PLANT  |…

Veg and hummus sandwich from katienormalgirl.com

How to Build The Perfect Veg Sandwich

As summer approaches and backyard barbecues commence, I’m always on the look out for filling, vegetarian sandwich that’ll go perfect with all of the classic summer side dishes (chips, baked beans, corn on the cob…it’s all so delicious). This sandwich is it for me. It’s great because all of the toppings can double as burger toppings (if you’re a mixed meat and veggie crowd), it’s great for taking on hikes…


Freebie Download: June 2014 Calendars and Wallpaper

On a recent Nature Walk I went wandering off the path and found this wonderful moss covered pine tree trunk. I imagine that it must have fallen some time ago. Did it make a noise? Who’s to say! What I can say is that it is quite lovely and I always find moss to be such a calming plant. Don’t you? This month’s calendars and tablet/smartphone wallpapers (and more!) are available…

Download Gallery - Freebie May calendars and wallpaper from katienormalgirl.com | #free #downloads #calendars #wallpaper

Freebie Download: May 2014 Calendars and Wallpaper

The flowers are in bloom and there’s color everywhere! I was recently wandering around a lovely public garden and found these two little flowers on a wooden bench. After photographing them I kept wandering down the garden path. When I came back a little later, they were gone – probably picked up and tucked away in the hair of whatever child left them there, not a bad fate for such…

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