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DIY reusable AND refillable herbal dryer sachets from katienormalgirl.com | #DIY #natural #home

DIY: Reusable AND Refillable Dryer Sachets

It’s time to ditch your dryer sheets and embrace the latest trend in simple, sustainable living…dryer sachets!  These chemical-free, all-natural alternative to dryer sheets have been growing in popularity, and this week I’m going to show you how to make your own dryer sachet, that is both reusable and refillable. Often dryer sachets are sewn shut… Read More

Home Brewed: Herbal Floral Water

DIY: Brewing Herbal Floral Water (Scroll down to view a video version of these instructions) Growing up, I always adored shelves filled with bottles of potions, lotions and brews.  I’ve always been drawn to cabinets lined with jars of herbs, colorful glass bottles, cork stoppers and wooden spoons. Now I am the proud owner of… Read More