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DIY Monogrammed Vases

Gold Monogrammed Flower Vases from | #DIY #crafts #homemadeI found these fun glasses at a thrift store recently and decided that with a little bit of shine, they would make perfect little flower vases. I just can’t resist fresh cut flowers at the farmer’s market so I’m always in need of a vase or two.

The glasses already had a great etched pattern on them so I just added bits of gold trim and a gold-leafed “G”. The whole process was a lot easier than you might think.

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Giving Thanks: Keeping it Simple

Gratitude Jar from

My gratitude story.

‘Tis the season for giving thanks. It’s about taking a moment to stop and look around you with the specific intention of being grateful – and sometimes I need the reminder. I get so caught up in goal setting and goal accomplishing and I tend to neglect being grateful for all of the wonderful, little things that have already happened.

I also feel like there can be an inherent pressure in giving thanks. As though I must be deeply profound when declaring gratitude. Is a simple, “thank you for a good hair day,” enough? I also worry that I’m not being grateful often enough. Some people write five things per day, others don’t do any at all. I know that I want to be somewhere in the middle but who has the time?

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Birth-mineral Earrings of the Month: Golden Citrine


may be a bit parital since my birthday is in November but Citrine has always been one of my favorite minerals. The golden color always catches my eye and I just want to touch it!  Citrine is a mineral that is known for its cleansing and balancing properties. Wear this crystal when you are seeking personal balance, confidence and clarity.

November Birthstone: Topaz  November Birth-mineral: Citrine

Thread the post through the bead and use the pliers to bend a small hook into the base of the post that will hold the bead on it.  Now thread one of the earring hooks onto the post and to finish the earring, bend the post in half and tuck it into the bead.









Let me know if you give these a try and I’d love to see pictures!


The 21st Century Herbalist: Volume 1, Issue 17

It’s week 2 of DIY Skin Care Month and today I’m talking cleansing.  It’s the first step in any good skincare regime (cleanse, tone, moisturize).  At first it can sound so basic — my face is dirty, I will wash it — but it gets a little more complicated than that.  What if you also need to remove makeup? What if you have acne, or dry skin or oily skin or just went for a run and there’s sweat pouring down your face?? Synthetics, chemicals, naturals, organics…whew, it can get exhausting.  How do you sort through it all and come up with a solution that meets your skin’s needs?  You ask The 21st Century Herbalist on HelloGiggles, of course!

Before we get to the specific cleansing tips and the recipe that I have for you, let’s start with the basics.  These are tried and true methods for cleansing the skin and getting the greatest benefit with the least amount of damage, regardless of skin type.

1. I said it last week and I’ll say it again…hydrate.  Any dermatologist, doctor or grandmother will tell you, water is the key to a healthy complexion.  In order for skin to remain healthy and resilient, it needs to be properly hydrated from the inside out, so make

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White Chocolate Bunny Easter Arrangement For Your Table

Easter will be early this year, on April 8th to be exact, and Mom has created a wonderful silk flower centerpiece for this year’s table scape.  I love the unique element of having a white chocolate bunny on top that is being haloed by a pretty, pink jewel umbrella above it.  This centerpiece comes together pretty quickly and will make a lovely addition to your Easter table. Continue Reading →


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