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Featured Herb-Rosemary - grow it, cook with it and use it medicinally from | #Cultivation

Rosemary, Part I: Cultivation

HERB PROFILE OF THE MONTH CULTIVATION  |  CULINARY  |  HERBALISM Rosemary is one of those fabulous herbs that is pungently fragrant and has a multitude of uses. It’s also very pretty to look at with tiny, thin leaves on sturdy woody stems, which makes some varieties great for shaping into tiny topiaries. Other varieties tend… Read More

Plant a Mint Bowl

On a recent trip to my local nursery I found these unique varieties of mint!  I planted them in a terra cotta bowl and labeled them with copper plant markers, to keep track of the different varieties.  As I was planting and rustling the leaves of the mint, it smelled wonderful in the air and… Read More

Completed Terrarium

Homemade: Fern Terrarium

Terrarium – a partially or wholly enclosed container, usually glass, used for growing and/or displaying plants. I have always been intrigued by terrariums.  They are a whole tiny world under glass, containing miniature displays, and nooks and crannies of entire eco-systems.  The man credited with discovering terrariums, Nathaniel Ward, accidentally created a terrarium during an… Read More