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Campfire Chili with Whole Wheat Mountain Bread

This week’s recipe was handed down to me by my mother and now I present it to you, enjoy!

s the weather gets colder, my belly starts to want warm, hearty meals just like this chili.  It’s packed with beans and warm spices that make it the perfect meal for this time of year.  It’s also hearty enough that you’ll feel full and satisfied…no meat required.  And if it’s camping weather in your neck of the woods then you’ll want to take the ingredients along to make this one-pot meal.  Just let it simmer over the open fire on these cold Autumn nights and then make some friends because this bountiful recipe makes enough to serve 10.  If you aren’t looking to feed quite that many people at once, it freezes great or can be packaged in mason jars* and given as gifts to neighbors and co-workers.