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Free Download: Thanksgiving Menus and Dish Labels/Place Cards

This year Thanksgiving will be at my house and I’m expecting a big group of family and friends. I’ve been having so much fun planning the decorations and appetizers (that’s what I’m in charge of…I wonder why they didn’t put the vegetarian in charge of the main course??) that I wanted to share the fun with all of you! I created a few menu cards and place cards that double as dish labels for potluck-style dinners. You can download any of the designs below in the Download Gallery for free.

Thanksgiving Menus and Dish Labels/Place Cards - free downloads from katienormalgirl.com #partyplanning #placecards #thanksgiving

Each file is blank so you can add your own information. The full-size menu display and the individual menu cards are available in a dark chocolate brown color. The place cards/dish labels are available in your choice of coordinating colors: dark chocolate brown, forest green, mustard, burnt orange, rust, and teal. You can go with all of the same color or mix and match, just have fun with it.

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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Fan of acorns? Checkout these matching acorn notecards.

Autumn. Lovely, lovely Autumn.

Autumn pinterest board from katienormalgirl.com #autumn #fall #seasons

It’s mid-November and you’d never know it down here in Florida. The approaching cold snap is expected to lower temperatures down to 60°F …for one night. Many of our trees are still flush with green and the orange and yellows of Fall never quite make it down this way. So when the weather outside doesn’t quite say “Autumn” (in the same way that it does up north), I need a little inspiration. This week’s Pin-Picks are all about my favorite season, Autumn. Join me over on Pinterest, I’d love to see your Fall picks!

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P.S. Poll: Do you refer to the season as Fall, Autumn, or do you use the terms interchangeably, like me? Let me know in the comments!

The Nature Walk Project: One Year Later

This is it!  A year in the making!  I’ve been walking around the same lake, once a month for a year, documenting the seasonal changes, the animals and the plants.  Last night I took my final picture of this lovely, little lake path.  Below is a photo compilation of the wooden bridge that crosses the lake.  The photos start in October 2011 and ended last night, the last day of October 2012.