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Giving Thanks: Keeping it Simple

Gratitude Jar from katienormalgirl.com

My gratitude story.

‘Tis the season for giving thanks. It’s about taking a moment to stop and look around you with the specific intention of being grateful – and sometimes I need the reminder. I get so caught up in goal setting and goal accomplishing and I tend to neglect being grateful for all of the wonderful, little things that have already happened.

I also feel like there can be an inherent pressure in giving thanks. As though I must be deeply profound when declaring gratitude. Is a simple, “thank you for a good hair day,” enough? I also worry that I’m not being grateful often enough. Some people write five things per day, others don’t do any at all. I know that I want to be somewhere in the middle but who has the time?

Gratitude Picture Journal, Entry No. 002

Today I'm Grateful For…{ creative wonder } from katienormalgirl.com

Today, we briefly set aside our divisions, our trials and our controversies to come together and celebrate the American Spirit in it’s purest form, that of the pioneer, of opportunity and of freedom.