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The Nature Walk Project, Calendar: November 2012

Please feel free to download this month’s calendar page for your personal use as a printed wall calendar or electronically as the desktop background on your computer.

very time I head out on one of my nature walks, I can’t help but be enamored with the beauty that nature has to offer. All too often that beauty is fleeting, as lovely plants and habitats change with the seasons and never look exactly the same twice.  I find myself so hypnotized by this fleeting beauty that I will take photo after photo trying to capture just the right angle so I can look back and remember where I was standing, what it felt like and the colors of that moment.  While this is a lovely way to remember the places I’ve been, it often results in an abundance of photos. So I’ve decided to turn at least one of my nature walk photos into a calendar page each month.  I hope you enjoy it and thank you for reading and virtually joining me on all of my nature walks.

This month’s calendar page features brilliantly colored, pink seed pods on a Maple tree that grows near my home.  I hope you have a wonderful November!



Click here to learn more about The Nature Walk Project.


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