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Gold Monogrammed Flower Vases from katienormalgirl.com

DIY Monogrammed Vases

I found these fun glasses at a thrift store recently and decided that with a little bit of shine, they would make perfect little flower vases. I just can’t resist fresh cut flowers at the farmer’s market so I’m always in need of a vase or two. The glasses already had a great etched pattern… Read More

Easy Cinnamon Peanut Brittle

This time of year always puts me in the mood for peanut brittle but not just any peanut brittle…I want cinnamon peanut brittle. There are so many peanut brittle recipes out there, so if you already have a favorite, you can try this take on it by just adding cinnamon to your existing recipe. If… Read More

Moisturizing Pumpkin Body Whip

I have studied herbalism for many years and enjoy using the knowledge that I have gained to create both simple and complex herbal remedies, delicious teas, tisanes and brews, and to make natural skin and hair care products.  I get to share a lot of this knowledge in my weekly column on hellogiggles.com as The… Read More