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Bounty From The Farm: What are pullet eggs?

Bounty From The Farm: Pullet Eggs from | #food #eggs

This past weekend I visited an adorable little farm out in the country, Lake Meadow Naturals. There’s a gravel lot where you park between the duck coop and the goats, and in front of you is a lovely field with rolling hills, huge oak trees and grazing horses. It’s as close to perfection as you can get.

On this little farm they also have turkeys, bunnies, beehives and, of course, chickens. The happy little hens have a massive coop with a big open yard for them to go wandering about. This is where you’ll find the pullets and their eggs. These female chickens are under a year old and have just begun to lay eggs. After they are a year old, they will be referred to as hens. A sign in the farm’s store explains the eggs:

The most special, and most precious, of pullet eggs are their first lay. These eggs have in them all of the vital essences of the chicken, which it has stored up its entire life. No subsequent eggs will ever taste the same. They are in limited supply as they only lay them in the first few weeks.

Once the pullets start laying regularly, their small pullet eggs become mediums, then large and sometimes extra large. You don’t typically see pullet eggs in the grocery store because their small size makes them less desirable to consumers and they are often sent to processing facilitates to become scrambled or powdered eggs. However, if you can find them at a local farm or farmer’s market, I suggest giving them a try. They are tasty on their own with a rich yolk that fries up nice but they are also great for making baked goods and are often coveted by pasty chefs for their rich flavor and consistency.

If you decide to bake with pullet eggs, be sure to check your recipe measurements. Most recipes call for large or extra large eggs which average about 3 tablespoons of egg. Pullet eggs are much smaller, so you may need to use 2 for every 1 large or extra large.

Now you know what pullet eggs are and that you should definitely try them. Happy egg hunting!

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Freebie Download: April 2014 Calendars and Wallpaper

Freebie April calendars from

Spring is officially here and while the weather may not have caught up to the news everywhere, it is certainly peeking its head out here in Florida. I found these little purple flowers growing along a local lakeshore. The early morning sun was just starting to shine and there was a bit of a breeze that kept blowing the flowers out of focus. After a minute or two, the wind cooperated and I was able to snap this picture and share a bit of spring with you.

This month’s calendars and tablet/smartphone wallpapers (and more!) are available for free in the Download Gallery.

Happy April!

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Freebie April calendars from


Freebie Download: March 2014 Calendars & Wallpaper

The Clover Collection

Freebie March calendars and wallpaper from | #free #downloads #calendar

This little patch of clovers is actually known as Pink Wood Sorrel (Oxalis debilis) and is considered a non-native Florida plant. Native or not, it sure is hard to dislike something that looks so lush and calming covered in little raindrops from an afternoon sprinkle. I took this on a trip to Nehrling Gardens and noticed these little guys off to the side of a white, wooden staircase that leads into the gardens. From the gardens to your home, these little guys can be your indoor bit of green for the month!

All of these calendars and tablet/smartphone wallpapers (and more!) are available for free in the Download Gallery.

Happy March!

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Freebie Download: Love Notes

Valentine's Day Heart Notecards from Download Gallery | #ValentinesDay #free #printables

It’s always fun to be surprised with a little note from someone, maybe tucked inside a lunch box, a suitcase or a book that you’re reading, it’s just a fun treat. With these little notecards you can be the one surprising people. Grab them for free in the Download Gallery and brighten someone’s day with a surprise love note.

Wishing you and all the people (and animals) that you love, a Happy Valentine’s Day this Friday. May the love continue all year long!

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Host a Craft-ernoon Party

Valentines Glitter Jars from | #valentinesday #crafts

Today I’m a guest blogger over on Oak & Oats where I’m sharing tips for hosting a craft-ernoon party. I love to host a good party filled with food, crafts and glitter. If you’d like to make these glitter jars and host a party of your own, hop on over and check out this Valentine’s Day craft!

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Pomegranate Breakfast Bread

Pomegranate Breakfast Bread from | #breakfast #meatlessmonday #vegetarian #food

The tasty red jewels from the pomegranate have so many great uses but I like to keep it simple. This breakfast toast is ridiculously healthy, easy to make and perhaps most importantly, it’s tasty.

You’ll need:

  • A hearty multi-grain breadI prefer Ezekiel 4:9 Sprouted Whole Grain Bread available in the freezer section of the grocery store.
  • Plain greek yogurtThe tart flavor works well with the pomegranate seeds and the greek yogurt has more protein than regular yogurt – a good thing for us vegetarians.
  • Pomegranate seeds, that you harvested yourself using the easy spoon method.
  • HoneyFor just a hint of sweetness, it is, of course, optional.

Toast up your bread, spread a thin layer of yogurt on top, sprinkle with pomegranate seeds and drizzle with honey. Breakfast is served!

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Freebie Download: February 2014 Calendars

NOW AVAILABLE: Task Calendars and Tablet/Phone Wallpaper!
The Task Calendar is designed to be printed on standard 8.5″ x 11″ paper and has space for writing notes and daily tasks or appointments. The Tablet/Phone Wallpaper features this month’s calendar photo without the calendar and makes a great background for your tablet or phone.

Freebie February calendars from

The maple leaves have fallen and the remaining pink seed pods are perfect as we transition into February. You can bring a bit of the Florida winter to your computer desktop, your wall, tablet, or phone with the goods in this month’s freebie download.

Printable Task Calendar

February 2014 Calendar from printable writeable

Printable Reference Calendar

February 2014 Calendar from printable

Computer Wallpaper With Calendar

February 2014 Calendar from 1920x1200 16x10ratio

Check out all of the February designs for your computer, tablet and phone in the Download Gallery.

May you have a wonderful February!

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